Wizard U. is dedicated to providing late blooming witches, wizards, and magical creatures an entertaining place to swish their wands and slur their spells.


Our Mission

Calling all witches, wizards, and magical creatures!

Did you stay up all night on your 11th birthday waiting for an owl that never came? Did you miss out on the best years of formally studying witchcraft and wizardry? Do you like to celebrate magic and mischief while waving a wand, slurring your spells, and throwing back buttery brews and other enchanting cocktails? Well fret not, magical brethren. You’re hereby accepted to Wizard University!

Wizard U.* is the world’s premier institution for late-blooming witches, wizards, and magical creatures. Join us for orientation as you meet your professors and sample your classes; discover your bravery, wit, ambition and amity as you’re sorted into your wizarding fraternity; toss back a delicious beverage (or three); and engage in rollicking rounds of your favorite magical games with fellow first years. 

So, dust off those second-hand robes, shine up your wands and broomsticks, and join us for a day of mischief and magic.

*Magical accreditation pending.

We provide the laughs and the entertainment. You provide the energy and the love of everything magic.
— Johnen Wimberbelt, Esteemed First Headmaster of Wizard U., Alchemical Master of the Second Rank

NOTABLE WIZARD U. Achievements

Wizard U. alumni have gone on to become some of the foremost sorcerers and sorceresses of their time. Check out some of their notable achievements!

  • Wizard U. has graduated over 25,000 magical alumni from 15 states.
  • Wizard U.'s flying squad has championed over 1500 games of Wizard Pong.
  • Notably, no Wizard U. alums have died in Dueling Club (yet).
  • Wizard U.'s esteemed professor of Divination (an alumni of the class of 2012) currently has a 0% accurate prediction rate.
  • Wizard U. boasts the best, most award-missing faculty you've never heard of.