The faculty at Wizard U. is dedicated to providing you a top-notch magical education and day you will never forget. Check out our staff bios below for more information about some of the witches and wizards you'll encounter on orientation day.



Margaret Kaminski

Margaret is Wizard U.’s tenured professor of Defense Against the Boring Arts and social chairperson of the faculty board. She has been doing her duty to our school for over 5 years, bringing her passion for magical friendships and “lumos” parties across the country. In her non-wizarding (but still magical) life, she crafts spellbinding soliloquies for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and other comedic television programs.

Scott Johnson

Scott is professor of improvised charms/spells/and disillusionment who once talked his way out of a trolls cave with naught but his wit. He refuses to undertake anything with less than 100% dedication and passes this passion along to each and every young magical mind he has the pleasure to teach. In the muggle world he has developed a television series for channel 101 based on fake documentaries.

Dale Buchheister

Dale is a rogue scholar in the arcane arts of food wizardry and history of magical nonsense. Specifically in his dealings with the preparation of magical meats and smoked properties of poisonous mushrooms. Also known as Decadent Dale, he is known for his fanatical pursuit of new and exciting potions and tinctures.

Hayley Milliman

Hayley is professor of lists and figures, and has achieved the rank of grand sorceress in the here-to-for under-appreciated magic of scheduling. Hayley has a passion for helping all Wizard U. students fulfill their dreams (so long as they show up to class on time). On non-magical days, Hayley works as a freelance curriculum developer, writer, and mother of puppies.

Miles Kovarik

Miles was born with an innate desire to chase truth, love, and adventure whether to his demise or ultimately his benefit. Most of his scholarly work is focused on understanding the thin veil between reality, what we perceive, and illusion, what we can be taught to see. He randomly arms himself with wand, hat, and humor to find adventure/ misadventure where ever it may be, ultimately to blaze a path of lightness for other beings. 

wizards and witches

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